Name Description Price (Normal / Student)
Cycle One weekly class 4 times 80 CHF / 60 CHF
Single Class Single class on any option 24 CHF

Prices valid from 16th October 2018:

Name Description Price (Normal / Student)
Single Season Abo One weekly classe for 5 Cycles* 380 CHF / 300 CHF
Double Season Abo Two weekly classes for 5 Cycles* 750 CHF / 590 CHF
Cycle A weekly class 4 times 90 CHF / 70 CHF
Single Class Single class on any option 25 CHF

* The season abo starts at any time of a new cycle until 5 months. Please fill out the registration form.

Payment methode for classes/cycles:

Twint: +41764838510

Bank Transfer:
Name of Bank: UBS Switzerland
Name of the Holder: Adrian Garate Roa
Address: Alchenberg 235D, 3472 Bern Suisse
IBAN: CH70 0023 5235 1818 3340 T

Payment methode for workshops, events, festivals and camps:
Bank Transfer
Name of Bank: Berner Kantonalbank AG
Name of the Holder: Danica Wagner
Adrdess: Lenkstrasse 134, 3775 Lenk
IBAN: CH67 0079 0042 4187 2545 9

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