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Frequently Asked Questions
We'll look into the main Acroyoga and Acro static positions. Focusing on getting used to them and combine them in simple and nice transitions. Towards the end of the Cycles we'll have been thought the main Washing Machines allowing you to combine and have a base practice.
We'll make sure that our foundations are sold by looking into all main Washing Machines and positions with various fun variations. Later on we'll be combining our foundation moves with unconventional positions and transitions. Introducing along the way different dynamic moves like: Whips and Pops.
At this point in live we don't want to follow to many rules. Nonetheless a guided Acrobatic training keeps us on track for all the more advanced moves you probably want to work on. The approach to the class is in a more of a coaching then guided way. It involves static and dynamic moves in Standing and L Basing till the extend of our personal level.
Wir haben parallel zwei Klassen pro Woche. Gerne kannst du den verpassten Unterricht während dem laufenden Cycle auch am anderen Unterrichtstag nachholen. Bitte informiere uns im Vorfeld, wenn du den Unterricht von Dienstag auf Sonntag abtauschen möchtest.