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    We are constantly changing and improving Acrolama. It's our culture and understand that it's not for everyone. But we are here listening.
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    We want to organize events that we would love to go too. And we like to have fun. Even when things can get a bit frustrating try to do them with fun.
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    We will give you what we promise to give you. If we make mistakes, we will apologize and make them good.

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    We do this cause we love it. No carring about the details would be cheating ourselfs. We want to share the best of ourselfs with you.
Frequently asked questions
You can recover a class during the same cycle on another day. Ex. If you booked for Intermediate I on Tuesdays you can recover the missed Class on Wednesday or Sunday.
If for some particular reason we miss a Class you'll get a Card that can be used at any other point in time.
In order to balance progress and compromise our Classes are wrapped into Cycles. Each cycle has a topic to deepen into for 4 weeks. Normally, you attend one course per week. The day can also be exchanged by arrangement.
A workshop is three hours long and gives you a great overview of this practice. You can take home a full set of helpful tips and tricks and then continue to practice on your own. The Cycle is progressive and consists of four lessons. (1x per week) If you want to dive deeper into the practice and are looking for a regular training, a Cycle for one month is a good option for you.