Date(s): 12 - 18. Jul 2019
Time: 15:30 - 11:00
Location: Snow Beach Lodge, Lenk
Event Type: Retreat - Multilevel
Price: coming soon

Registration: Opens 120 days before Event start.

Yoga and Mountainlove Retreat

Sunshine on your skin, warm summer breeze in your hair, the mountains fresh air around you and enjoy an amazing view... take all this inside of you where you start to move from love!

We are excited to give Julia space in our Lodge for an amazing Yoga Retreat. She is in love with Yoga and the Mountains and like to share these passions with you!

The Retreat will offer a lot of inspiration, serving you with Yoga classes (Vinyasa and Yin) and Acroyoga Workshops (Acrobatic, Therapeutic and Thai Yoga Massage) that we will design just on behalf of your needs!

Always starting and closing our days with Yoga and enjoying very healthy and delicious meals, there will be space for you during the day to explore the mountains and/ or rest.
We offer hiking tours with our local guide as well as massages to restore your body. There is also plenty of space to go with the flow and see on a moment to moment basis if you feel like connecting more to yourself or others. There will be hammocks to rest, puzzle mats where you can play Acro together and much more!

This retreat create a space for you where you can move, connect, laugh, transform, enjoy, feel free, love, cry, learn, play, or simply be.

  • Danica

    Acrolama Teacher and Host

    lama lama
  • Cecile

    Our lovely Cook

    lama lama
  • Julia

    Our wonderful Yoga Teacher

    Julia Pieper, mostly called Jus, is an international yoga teacher, message therapist and founder of Jupieyoga. Trained in Bali, Thailand, Germany and Mexico, she took bits and pieces from different styles and perspectives. Teaching Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Mindful Flow and Acro Yoga, her style is marked by mindful movements and creative playfulness. Her goal is to create space for personal growth, to support people unfolding their potential and to create union with themselves and nature. Her openness and sensitivity permit her to feel the different needs in heterogeneous groups and accordingly giving options and individual adjustments in an empathic and loving way. She implements her voice, beautiful metaphors as well as violin sounds and messages in savasana to accompany you on your path.