Date(s): 14 - 15. Jul 2018
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Location: Zürich
Event Type: Workshop - Intermediate
Price: CHF 200.-

Acrobatic Hand to Hand Tricks and Tips Training

Our honorable guest Juampi is a passionate handstand lover. Dedicating must of his acrobatic time in a upside down position. What a opportunity to learn many tips and tricks gathered all over the world!

Come and join us in a special art from acro workshop weekend oriented to learn new tricks and focus ons smart ways to train and become a good acrobat.

We will work on handstand, hand to hand fundamental and also going to standing acrobatics!


-hold handstand for 45 sec. against a wall (no banana!)

-L-basing low food to hand for 10 sec. (with spotter on the hips is ok)