Date(s): 25 - 27. Jan 2019
Time: 17:00 - 17:00
Location: To be determined
Event Type: Workshop - Advanced
Price: 160/180/200 CHF.-

Advanced Acro Weekend with Blox in Zürich

Hello Everyone!! Coming to you as a coach at Pitch Catch Circus: School of Acrobatics as well as, join Blox Acrobatics for a higher level workshop exploring the technique, the tricks, and the delights of acrobatics! On top of teaching many groovy moves, Blox will focus on mechanically advantaged technique to serve both performance and safety. Bases will learn how to squat, organize the spine, and connect power from legs to arms. Flyers will learn to climb, jump, and control their body tension. Spotters will learn positioning, presence, and ideal technique. Expect to refine existing skills, learn new ones, and leave the class with an elevated knowledge of standing acro. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your practice in a safe, supportive, community environment with a highly experienced international coach. This workshop is designed for people who are highly committed to Acro and train regularly. If this workshop were at a festival it would likely be labeled ‘advanced’ - CONTENT: the focus will be on dynamic entrances, exits, and transitions for hand to hand, foot to hand, and other standing poses like shoulderstand. Everything will be taught in progressions to ensure a safe effective training but also so people can train the skills after the workshop. Every day we will do handstand training, calibration drills, and smash out some badass acro! *The specific content we cover will depend on the skills & interests of those who attend. Expect peak skills like toe pitch to RH2H, one arm standing shoulderstand to RH2H, handstand on feet...and more! Event infos might be updated a bit earlier in the Facebook Event : LINK


Acro: Stable standing: Hand to Hand & Reverse Hand to Hand (you can have an 3rd person assist/post you into the Reverse H2H), Foot to Hand & Reverse Foot to Hand. Life: An open mind, an open heart, a desire to learn and do safe acro! It's VERY important for you to know that you can always reach us out, either Acrolama or Blox Acrobatics, if unsure about the prerequisites or any other aspect of the event. ***NOTE: In the interest of safety and a cohesive learning experience, we will as that you upload a video demonstrating that you meet the prerequisites. You will receive a link to upload your video after the completion of the registration form.

  • Blox


    Blox has nourished a lifelong fascination for peering over edges and discovering footholds in the unlikeliest of places. A full-time world-traveling teacher with his company Blox Acrobatics, he offers highly intelligent teaching and a deep bag of tricks. Blox is a coach at Pitch Catch Circus School of Acrobatics in the United States, is a member of the Partner Acrobatics teaching team on intensives and teacher trainings, and has performed partner acrobatics across North America and the Caribbean with his past performing arts and production company, Acrodisiac. Rooted in many years of pedagogic study, acrobatics training under world-class teachers since 2010, and a commitment to health and happiness, Blox is a powerful resource for acrobatic advancement and personal growth. Web: Instagram: @BloxAcrobatics Facebook: BloxAcrobatics