Date(s): 16 Jun
Time: 13:00 - 16:30
Location: Maru Dojo Bern Uferweg 42, 3013 Bern
Event Type: Workshop - Multilevel
Price: CHF 90.-

Registration: Opens 120 days before Event start.

Acroyoga Workshop Bern

Are you not around for the next cycle then you can join this Acroyoga Workshop in Bern. Its' a summery of the last 4 classes " Asymmetrical moves" for intermediate and "Inverted Moves" for beginners/intro. You can also join if you don't come to regular classes and get a nice idea of this topics. You will get out of this acroyoga workshop with new ideas with nice flows and moves. It's still a nice choise if you have been to the Cycle but want to deepen it your practice.

Acroyoga Introduction - Inverted Moves:
In this Introduction Acroyoga Workshop we want to look a bit more into our inverted position. Exploration of the possibilities in partner and solo movement. Looking in stability to transition in and out of this inverted positions.

Acroyoga Intermediate - Asymmetrical Moves:
In this acroyoga workshop we are going to look into "asymmetrical" washing machines and positions. The idea is to explore deeper into this concept and bend the lines we have been carefully trying to keep this last few workshops.



All participants are welcome. (Level: Introduction)
Solid star and shoulder stand without spotters. (Level Intermediate)