Date(s): 25 - 31. Aug 2019
Time: 15:30 - 11:00
Location: Snow Beach Lodge, Lenk
Event Type: Camp - Intermediate
Price: 680

Registration: Opens 120 days before Event start.

Acro Intermediate Training Camp

The focus in this only intermediate acro trainings camp is simple: train, train again, get better and have fun! Join our 2nd intensive camp up in the swiss mountains, surrounded of pure nature.

With the experience of 2018 we will have this time only one intermediate level. To make sure, we like to get a video of you. (more details below)
During one week of training you'll get many important inputs to improve your acro practice. We'll look into lots of exercise, drills and individual coaching that will help you come to a new stage.

Intermediate Level:
We want to challenge you, to find stability in dynamic washing machines and combine them in hand to hand, pops and whips and moreover to some icarian. Since we're in higher grounds we want to explore some acro higher grounds too, except different building up standing moves. You will definitely get out of this acro camp with new ideas and full of energy.

More about the place:
Six nights with sleeping spot is provided. We have a mountain restaurant to train, eat and sleep with an amazing terrace exclusive for us. We have a few rooms with normal beds for around 3-6 person per room. The restaurant is placed 1470 meters above sea-level.

-Hot pot to relax on the big terrace with incredible mountain view
-Longe to train standing acrobatics
-Personal coaching to improve your acro Level
-Amazing vegan food (vegan, regional and bio)

- 6 nights with sleeping spot and 3 vegan meals and snacks a day
- Acroyoga L-Basing or Standing Acrobatics Workshops
- Evening Thai Massage or Bodywork Workshops
- Optional hiking with a local guide
- Pick up service from the village to the lodge and back

Not included:
- Transportation to Lenk village
- Insurance

Acroyoga / Acrobatics workshop
Lunch / Break (optional small hike or rest)
Acroyoga / Acrobatics workshop
Thai massage or therapeutic sequence

One day will be a hiking day with bit of acro too.
limited space - max 25 participants

If you join this acro trainings camp you will not regret to participate. It will be a physical and mentally challenging. You will come to your own limits but also definitely have much fun while doing it in a safe and full of love environment!


-Min. one year experience of acro
- no acro partner is required but recommended

Send us a video of:
Corkscrew + Ninjastar L-Basing
-Shoulder Stand L-Basing (Hands of Flyer at the arms of Base - Jump in from the floor) -Two High Standing Acrobatic (want to see also the entrance, how you get to two high)

  • Matthias & Paulina

    our motivated acro teachers

    Feet on the head!
    Crazy acrobats, who loves challenges and know many acro tricks in standing. We are happy to have them at the acro trainings camp! They will come up for you with amazing workshops.
  • Adrian & Danica

    Acrolama teachers and host

    Two acrobats who decided acro made fun so it needs to spread.
  • Kremena

    our lovely cook

    We set a high value on healthy food. So everything you eat during this days comes from the farmer and will be cooked with love. As we train all day long we need energy and we want to have hight quality. With this in mind, we look to each other, to our food and to all other living beings we share the planet with. Vegan, organic, fair and food-waste-conscious ingredients and processes are a given, forming a solid foundation upon which creativity roams free.
    Kremena our lovely cook is insatiably curious about all aspects of plant-based cuisine, constantly nibbling on fascinating information about preparation, nutrition, origin and sustainability. She particularly enjoys sharing food.
    As she cooked already amazing food for our other Acro Events and Festival, she has this experience and know who much you Acro-Monkey can eat! ;-)