Date(s): 15 May - 05. Jun 2019
Time: 18:15 - 19:45
Location: Kornhaus Halle A, Limmatstrasse 176, 8005 Zürich
Event Type: Cycle - Advanced

Name Price
Double Class Cycle CHF 150/120
Single Class Cycle CHF 90/70
Single Class CHF 25

Intermediate & Advanced Rolling Class

All about this new advanced class:
The class is structured with a first part of fundamental basic training and workout. We'll work on alignment, getting stronger and gain more control. Mainly we'll keep an eye on handstand and foot to hand in the first block of the class. Then we let you the space open to train more on your personal goals. You can come up and we are there to coach and give you tips and tricks to achieve your targets. (You can also send us a video of a trick you maybe saw once and like to train.) We do have some acro tricks we're going to teach but it's a less guided class as you might be used to know from our intro or intermediate acroyoga classes.
A never ending story will be topics like hand to hand, whips + pops, icarian and standing acrobatics.


-Acro partner required
-Motivation and enthusiasm for more intensive training