Date(s): 15 Oct - 10. Nov 2019
Time: 19:15
Location: Sporthalle Kornhaus A, Limmatstrasse 176, 8005 Zürich
Time: 18:15
Location: Reebok CrossFit Zürich, Hardstrasse 81, 8004 Zürich
Event Type: Cycle - Intermediate

Name Price
Double Class Cycle CHF 150/120
Single Class Cycle CHF 90/70
Single Class CHF 25

Acroyoga - Cycle 12 - Intro to Whips

What does it mean wipes and pops?
No worries we will get to this! In this cycle it’s all about transitions in L-Basing, which the flyer will be for a certain moment in the air. Super fun! The base will not lose the contact form the feet or hands. So the through will be accompanied with hand connection. We will go to this pops step by step.

Moreover we will get to first whips. These techniques allow the flyer to go super fast from one side to the other side of the base. We the gravity of the flyer and a small tempo from both will bring the person through the legs to another positions. This is challenging for base and flyer but definitely worth to try it out! For example we start in bird go trough the whip rotation back in bird. How this is possible and what this exactly mean will be clearer in the class. Join us!

Important Information Wednesday Class:
During the holidays the sport hall will be closed. Therefor the class will be on a different location.
10. Oct. 2018 the class will taken place at Circus Chnopf.
Address: Circus Chnopf, Flurstr. 85, 8047 Zurich

17. Oct. 2018 the class will taken place at Buchegg GZ
Address: Gymnastikraum - Buchegg GZ, Bucheggstr. 93, 8057 Zurich

Important Information Sunday Class:
14. Oct. 2018 the class will start one hour later.
Time: 19.15 - 20.45h
Address: Reebok CrossFit Zürich, Hardstr. 81, 8004 Zurich (as normal)