Date(s): 08 Jan - 03. Feb 2019
Time: 19:15
Location: Gymn. Raum 501.1 - Schulhaus Sihlquai 101, Zürich
Time: 18:15
Location: Reebok CrossFit Zürich, Hardstrasse 81, 8004 Zürich
Event Type: Cycle - Intermediate

Name Price
Double Class Cycle CHF 150/120
Single Class Cycle CHF 90/70
Single Class CHF 25

Acroyoga - Cycle 3 - Rare Positions

In this Cycle we'll continue building up new flows, connecting new moves and progressing in our inverted and drilling washing machines. Focus will be also in some bit rare and insane positions.
No worries we'll always be growing solid ground acroyoga moves and have enough challenging variations for everyone!


(Basing or flying, spotting doesn’t count! hehe):
-Ninja Star
-Hold Free Shoulder Stand (Hands of Flyer at the arms of Base)
-No need to have done Cycle 1 or 2

We usually do a lot of variations of this moves. If uncertain what this means please write us.