Date(s): 12 Mar - 07. Apr 2019
Time: 19:15
Location: Gymn. Raum 501.1 - Schulhaus Sihlquai 101, Zürich
Time: 18:15
Location: Reebok CrossFit Zürich, Hardstrasse 81, 8004 Zürich
Event Type: Cycle - Introduction

Name Price
Double Class Cycle CHF 150/120
Single Class Cycle CHF 90/70
Single Class CHF 25

Acroyoga - Cycle 0.5 - Catching Stars

If you have had some introduction experience in Acroyoga or you want to try it out for the first time?
Great this is the right class for you!

Acroyoga is a mix of partner acrobatics, thai massage and yoga. Essentially, it builds a practice of the understanding of trust. Trust within the body, trust within the group and trust in the fact that it's a lot of fun to do these amazing things you never thought you will be able to do.

In this cycle we "catching stars". So we learn particularly important moves to get in and out to a regular and reverse star. We always see also advanced people who struggle with this static positions. There fore will look carefully how to get there in a very smart and smooths way. More over in this acroyoga cycle we will also play around and bring some steps together what we learned d in previous acroyoga cycles.


All participants are welcome.
-Acroyoga partner is not required
-Some previous experience would help but is not needed.
-No need to have done previous cycles before but will help for sure.

Feel free to ask if insure. We'd love to help.